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A scrap heap of Web 5.0 fragmentation inspired by night terrors, beast wars, the flickers, raw meat and all the pretty gems I find in my real-world and VR travels. Images and Videos not by me (AS) unless noted.

    The return of the Disquiet Junto ice prompt, and my return to the Junto after a many months-long absence. It is currently 9 below in the town of Bloomington, Indiana - perfect for a track about cool cubes rattling about. The snow and ice outside were a perfect visual and aural presence while recording and composing this track, a brief snapshot that I hope captures a sense of dread and unease about the storm outside my window.

    An aside: Moving to a new state and beginning anew the past several months in many ways took my creative energy and focus away from music for a bit, with most of my time spent writing. Though I’ve posted a few tracks here and there, I saw the start of 2014 as a great way to join back up with the Junto, and achieve a creative balance. Thank you Marc and all contributors for the opportunity to freely create, share, and listen here in this space.


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    RETROBAND TOYS Workshop visit for JUXTAPOZ Magazine HERE

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Route 17, Maywood, New Jersey, 1979 — Joe Maloney


    Route 17, Maywood, New Jersey, 1979 — Joe Maloney

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Stoker, 2013 (dir. Chan-wook Park)


    Stoker, 2013 (dir. Chan-wook Park)

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    Tom Phillips - A Humument (1966-73)

    “In 1966 Phillips set himself a task: to find a second-hand book for threepence and alter every page by painting, collage and cut-up techniques to create an entirely new version. He found his threepenny novel in a junkshop on Peckham Rye, South London. This was an 1892 Victorian obscurity titled A Human Document by W.H Mallock and he titled his altered book A Humument.

    The first version of all 367 treated pages was published in 1973 since when there have been four revised editions. A Humument is now one of the best known and loved of all 20th Century artist’s books and is regarded as a seminal classic of postmodern art.”

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